At Top Slings, we carry wire rope from well-known manufacturers such as Kiswire, Bridon-Bekaert and Tokyo. Our full range of wire rope and fittings enable us to meet customer demand with zero hassle. We are able to conduct proof load and breaking test up to 1000 MT with our in-house testing facility.

Malysia steel wire rope supplier & distributor

Typical information that required to select wire ropes includes the following:

  • Length of wire rope. For example, 20 meter.
  • Nominal diameter of the wire rope. For example, 76mm.
  • Construction of the wire rope. For example, 6X36
  • Core of the wire rope. For example, IWRC, FC, WSC
    Plastic Impregnated Core
  • Direction and lay of the wire rope, including For example,
    RHRL (Right Hand Regular Lay, sZ)
    RHLL (Right Hand Langs Lay, zZ),
    LHRL (Left Hand Regular Lay, zS)
    LHLL (Left Hand Langs Lay, sS)
    RHAL (Right Hand Alternate Lay, aZ)
    LHAL (Left Hand Alternate Lay, aS)
  • Wire rope finish: Bright, Ungalvanised, Galvanised
  • Wire rope grade: 1770, 1960, 2160
  • Minimum breaking load of the wire rope For example, 75kN.